Local Expertise, Professional Results

Hickory Ridge Apartments was established in 1968. The property has recently undergone substantial improvements. The highly experienced management team strives to preserve the apartment’s finer historical qualities while providing modern conveniences for residents. The apartments feature many amenities that sustain the warm, welcoming feel that residents find appealing. The grounds are meticulously landscaped, and courtyards and picnic areas have been provided to encourage a sense of belonging among residents.

480_360_csupload_56970701We believe that establishing positive relationships with tenants is an important part of providing a comfortable environment that encourages long term occupancy. Our professionals maintain a courteous and friendly demeanor and are receptive to the concerns of our residents. We seek to resolve any issues that arise quickly and to the satisfaction of both residents and management. The staff is delighted to hear from residents and encourages them to express their thoughts on improving the property or services.

Hickory Ridge Apartments is located in Greenville South Carolina near schools, shopping and major transportation arteries. These affordably priced apartment homes are available in several floor plans.